Patient & Visitor Info

Welcome to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. We will serve you with the best possible care. While you are a patient at Harbor-UCLA, it is important to know some things about the Medical Center and its staff, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities apply to all persons regardless of fi nancial status, race, education, religious background or gender. A listing of Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities can be found on the back of this pamphlet. We are committed to meeting the language needs of our patients. If you need an interpreter during your visit, interpreter services will be provided at no cost to you. TTY machines are available for hearing impaired patients.

Your Care Team

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is a teaching hospital, affiliated with the UCLA School of Medicine. For this reason, your care team may include residents, interns, and medical students. Residents and Interns have earned their medical degrees and are now training at Harbor-UCLA to become medical specialists. Other health professionals, such as nurses, social workers, technicians, dietitians, and therapists work with our doctors in providing care. An Attending Physician leads your Care Team. Ask for the name of your Attending Physician and the name of the persons caring for you.

Your Stay

Clinical Social Work Services

Social workers provide and emotional support for patients and their families. If you need referrals to community resources or help with personal or family problems, request assistance from a staff member or call the Social Work Department at (310) 222-3278. The Social Work Department is located on the first floor.

Pastoral Care Services

Clergy from Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, and other religions volunteer their services to offer spiritual and emotional support to our patients and their families. If you wish to speak with a member of the clergy, ask a staff member or call (310) 222-2166. For your convenience, the hospital chapel is located on the 1st floor across from the Gift Shop.


Bring your medications with you in their original containers so that your doctor will be informed of the medications you are taking. Family should take these medications home for you after the doctor has seen them. During your stay, all medications will be prescribed by your doctor, supplied by our pharmacy, and given to you by your nurse. Do not take any other medications than those prescribed by your hospital doctor.

Patient Meals

The hospital’s nutrition department is dedicated to serving you healthy and delicious meals. A Nutrition Services representative is available upon request to discuss your food preferences or nutrition concerns during your hospital stay. Please let your nurse know of any food allergies or dislikes as soon as possible so we can best meet your nutritional needs. If you wish to receive food from home, ask your doctor to write a medical order. Visitors must notify your nurse when bringing food from home to ensure that is appropriate for your hospital dietary needs.


Going Home


Your doctor will decide when you are ready to be discharged. The doctor will tell you in advance so you can make transportation arrangements. Discharge time is 12:00 p.m. (Noon).

Advanced Health Care Directive

An “Advanced Health Care Directive” is an oral or written directive that states your choices and desires for medical care. An Advanced Health Care Directive:

  • Allows you to name a person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to communicate (E.g., if you are unconscious due to an accident) and/or
  • Allows you to tell your health care provider now how much treatment you want or do not want if you are terminally ill. If you need assistance, you may call the Clinical Social Work Offi ce at (310) 222-3278 or ask your doctor or nurse to make a referral for you. A Social Worker can explain the form and help you complete it.