All volunteers interested in applying to the Harbor-UCLA Volunteer Program must complete all necessary steps before moving forward to any one particular program. Each individual program requires necessary steps that may be discussed with the Volunteer Office Staff. The volunteer processing in shall not be considered in the program until they have completed ALL the necessary steps. As noted earlier, each department listed below, will require necessary clearance from the department head before assignments are granted (each assignment is based on the needs of the requested department).

Community Volunteers (18 and above):

Community volunteers striving to make a difference in our community during their extra time or changing career goals. The community volunteer assists all service areas of the hospital based on “the need”. The volunteer assists office staff, lab/specimen runs, pharmacy and lunch requests, assists nurses and doctors while also assisting the volunteer office. The community volunteer gracefully assist the hospital with spreadsheets, timesheets and organize the patient (s) clothes closet on an as needed basis. Harbor-UCLA is the perfect place to start! The volunteer has a genuine desire for helping others. Minimum hour requirement includes 12 hours monthly and 8 hours during seasonal schedules. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, Harbor is the place for you.

Junior Volunteers (Under the age of 18)

Demonstrates collaborate and cooperative leadership style with staff and other service areas. Most juniors are either seeking community hours for school and/or simply have a desire or interest in health care. The exposure of the hospital acts as a tool to stimulate the junior while they choose their path. The junior makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our staff and others as they experience helping our patients. The Harbor-UCLA volunteer new experience (making a difference) has many different programs that will definitely keep our juniors busy and interested. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age and able to work a minimum of 8 hours monthly and 8 hours a week during seasonal breaks.

Contract Junior Volunteers

A coordinated group of individuals contracted directly from their high school. The contract junior volunteer is contracted through their school and/or a particular program. They are directly assigned to the chosen school or program coordinator and works in conjunction with the volunteer program coordinator. Their service is usually throughout the year and two different groups rotate through the hospital. Volunteers that qualify under this program have a specific scheduled assignment (planned ahead) with departmental service area managers and the volunteer program director (schedules varies).

  • Gene Black (4 – 6 weeks)
  • Carson High (2 – 3 months)
  • Loyola High (during holiday break)

Junior Society (JS) (College and high school students)

The JS is a group of motivated young leaders with a passion for helping others and our future leaders. This group has an active board that consists of eight (8) positions (president, vice-president, etc.) and general members that meet twice a week to plan. The JS works under the auspice of the Guild (non-profit organization 501-C3) and is managed by the volunteer office. Anyone that is considering joining this group must be eager to work hard, has some knowledge of leadership and required to pass an interview (usually conducted by the JS board members). If you are a leader, committed and have a genuine desire for helping others (this program is for you). Junior Society stems from the junior volunteer program while focusing leadership and helping others making a difference in the lives of others by fundraisers and/or assisting with hospital events and patient services.

Patient In Need (PIN – Club) (Volunteers high school students connected to Junior Society)

This group of volunteers; assist the Junior Society with their on-going efforts outside the hospital campus and occasionally on campus. A list of these students; are kept in the volunteer office while each individual assist in making a difference. There is only a maximum requirement of 20 hours annually; volunteers may use their hours for school and/or personal interest. The PIN Club stays connected by participating in at least 2 fundraisers annually.

Harbor-UCLA Alumni

(College Students already connected to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Volunteer Program with interests in health care)
Founded on the principle, education occurs best when classroom instruction is reinforced by related work experience. The mission of the Harbor-UCLA Alumni Program is to provide planned learning experiences; commitment and bottom-line focus in building a just society “Developing as a Leader” which will demonstrate, integrity vision, creativity, work ethics, self-discipline and enthusiasm. Acquired through observation and in-direct hands on training, the alumni volunteer (s) are those that decides to stay connected to the program after going off to college, internships, to study MCAT or go to Medical School. The Alumni Program consists of motivated individuals with a passion for health care. They stay connected by returning to Harbor-UCLA during breaks (spring, summer, fall and winter). The minimum requirement is at least 12 hours per break. This group of motivated and energetic leaders; are definitely our next generation!

Baby Cuddler

The Baby Cuddler will be able to demonstrate and state the reasons for strict hand washing, infection control practices while in the NICU. The hospital’s working and busy parents take great solace in the fact that if they can’t be at the hospital during daytime hours, NICU “Cuddlers” are there to provide that “human touch” so desperately needed by all babies, especially those in the NICU (Cuddler Training is provided). The volunteer (s) will sign-up through the volunteer office and the Program Director will follow-up to arrange interviews with the NICU Manager.

SCIT Engineering Program (Pilot)

The SCIT Program was established, 2013 in conjunction with facilities management. The goal of this program is to give SCIT students an opportunity to receive some practical Bio-Medical experience while continuing their education and/or seeking employment. Students are mentored by staff members and receive experience in the repair of medical equipment on an on-going basis; students are able to trouble shoot and repair non-critical medical equipment. This particular program was designed directly to assist Southern California Institute of Technology (SCIT) located in Irvine, CA

Weekend Program (Pilot)

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, the Week-End Pilot Program is opened to volunteers that have accumulated a minimum of sixty (60) volunteer service hours and has volunteered at least 3 months. This program is designed to give volunteers that are unable to meet their maximum requirement or fulfil their goals during the week an opportunity to fulfil their commitment on the weekend. In addition to assist the weekend staff with patient (s) clothing requests, lab/specimen and other assistance as needed. The purpose is voluntary and provides a mechanism to accommodate hours for volunteer youth workers, juniors and our adult volunteers. This week-end pilot program demonstrates practical work experience for any and all volunteers interested (must have a minimum of 60 hours or 3 months experience.)


The mission of the HUCLA Internship Program is to provide planned learning experiences in clinical, management, and community settings that will integrate knowledge and competencies consistent with the standards of practice for its individual specialties. The internship program, exemplifies “learning by doing”. The intern is usually associated with a school affiliated by the hospital and associated with the departments listed (as follows):
Dietician Interns, Clinical Social Services Interns, Pharmacy Interns, Administration Interns

In-House Mandated Student Program(s)

Provide students with the educational background and practical training. All programs focus on professionalism, dedication and commitment to health care. Providing guidance in students everyday decisions; motivates them to maintain a high level of expertise through active participation in professional organizations and through continuing education activities. The students are usually affiliated with a program under the Harbor-UCLA mandated programs as follows:
Student/Professional Program and Radiology Student Program

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care serves all faiths and open 25-hours a day for our patients, visitors and staff. This group of dedicated volunteers recognizes that caring for the whole person includes meeting their spiritual and emotional needs. The goal for this team is to provide a place to meet (chapel) if needed, bedside care (upon request) for our patients’ spiritual and emotional needs. Pastoral Care Department is available to people of all faiths and to those with no religious affiliation.

Shadow Program

The mission of harbor-UCLA Shadowing Program is to assist the