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No, we do not request that you have completed Step 2.

No. Our program is considered “Advanced” which means that we do not offer a PGY1 dermatology resident position. You must complete your PGY1 training before starting your dermatology residency.  If you are interested in training for your preliminary year at Harbor UCLA you need to apply to the preliminary program in ERAS.  Contact the program via email to inform them that you are a dermatology prelim at:  If you want to match for the 1 linked HARBOR dermatology-PRELIM spot you must rank both programs (rank Harbor dermatology program as your main match AND rank the Prelim-dermatology program – NMRP 1067140P2- for prelim program). Not ranking the prelim year does not influence your chances of matching in the dermatology program.

Please submit your application through ERAS.
Your application status can be checked through ERAS.

If you are a medical student, please contact: Bill Warren (Program Coordinator) at If you are a resident, we first need to know that your institution has an agreement with Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for insurance purposes. Then, we request that you submit us the following: a letter from your Program Director, the UCLA HIPAA Compliance Certificate, and a copy of your license if you already have one.  Please note that rotating through our program does not guarantee an interview for the residency program.

Any further questions regarding applications should be directed to:

Bill Warren, Program Coordinator
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Division of Dermatology
1000 Carson Street
Box #458
Torrance, CA 90502

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