OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinology

Some female reproductive endocrinology patients are seen within the context of the endocrinology clinic such as women who have primary or secondary amenorrhea and require evaluation and treatment for resumption of their menses. However, the rest of the spectrum of reproductive endocrinology diseases that are related to the specific management of female infertility are seen within the context of the OB/GYN reproductive endocrinology clinic. Patients seen in this venue include women who need to reestablish fertility i.e. women with tubule ligation or women who need ovarian stimulation and/or assisted reproductive technology. Skills related to history taking, examination, assessment, and plan for the management of these types of ambulatory patients are acquired.

Teaching Methodology:

The patient-based mentored assessment of historical finding, examination and therapeutic plan is implemented. Each patient is seen by one of the OB/GYN reproductive endocrinology faculty attending along with the resident. Pragmatic and theoretic issues along with diagnostic and therapeutic strategies are discussed. Socioeconomic issues related to availability of assisted reproductive technology and issue related to gamete manipulation and research are discussed within this format. This clinic is held two times a week. Each resident attends 12 sessions during their two year program.

Method of Evaluation:

All subspecialty residents are evaluated by the reproductive endocrinology faculty at the end of the rotation. In addition endocrinology residents evaluate the clinic as an educational experience.