Our Patients

The patient population is predominately low-income and underinsured/uninsured: the working poor. You will be exposed to problems common and unique to underserved populations and you will provide primary care to these individuals. Because of their poor access to care, you will encounter very ill patients with long neglected medical needs. You will be guided carefully through an abundance of organic and social pathology and you will have ample opportunity to practice those skills that you need to become an outstanding physician.


Service Length Night Shifts
Intern Orientation 2 weeks N/A
Family Medicine Inpatient 2 months N/A
Internal Medicine Inpatient 1 month N/A
Medical ICU 1 month night float
CCU 2 weeks 1x/week
Pediatric Inpatient 1 month 1 week
Nursery 1 month 1 week
Obstetrics 1 month night shifts-4 weeks
OB Traige 2 weeks N/A
Community Medicine 2 weeks N/A
Surgery (trauma) 2 weeks 2-3x
ED Observation unit 2 weeks N/A
Pediatric Development 1 month N/A
Vacation 2 x 2 weeks N/A
Continuity Clinic 1 x week N/A
Service Length Overnight Call