Yvette Osei-Akosa, MD

MD: Keck School of Medicine of USC
BS: African American studies, USC

Hometown: Los Angeles (Koreatown/Mid-City) and Chino Hills

I was first drawn to Harbor FM after working with their residents during my OB rotation as a MS3.  During our interactions, I could see how passionate and caring residents were towards their patients; they also always treated me with kindness.  What made Harbor more appealing was that the residents and faculty all cared about social justice in medicine as was evident in different initiatives and community service opportunities.  I wanted to be a part of a program that had those values.

Professional Interests: women’s and maternal health, adolescent health, global health, increasing diversity in medicine

Languages: English, basic Spanish, very limited Twi (one of the main dialects in Ghana, West Africa)
Who/What inspires me: The little ones in my extended family inspire me to give my best effort and be a good example to them.  My parents are also a big inspiration as they’ve shown the importance of hard work and dedication to family that I hope I can emulate.

Favorite places in LA: Griffith Park, Eaton Canyon, Post and Beam, Barbrix
Celebrity Crush: Idris Alba, Laroyce Hawkins


Shona Lamb, MD

MD:Keck School of Medicine of USC
BS: Integrative Biology; Minor: Dance and Performance Studies, UC Berkeley

Hometown: Costa Mesa

I am so grateful and excited to join the team at Harbor-UCLA! I love the breadth of family medicine and the variety of patients we serve. Training at a county hospital was an invaluable experience and while at times I found myself frustrated by inefficiencies within the system, I chose healthcare policy as the focus of my MPH to better understand ways to improve the delivery of care. Volunteering with a needle exchange on Skid Row taught me how social determinants influence an individual’s ability to access and navigate the healthcare system. I appreciate Harbor’s commitment to providing quality care to patients and their communities while working to make positive changes within the healthcare system.

Professional interests: Caring for the underserved, addiction medicine, health policy, working with incarcerated youth, community medicine.

Languages: English, Spanish
Who/What inspires me: My family and friends, my patients, and those who make the effort to find something positive in each day.
Favorite places in LA:Pasadena Arroyo, Teragram ballroom
Celebrity Crush: Michael Scott


Shawkut Ali, MD

MD: Medical College of Georgia
Masters: Psychology, Masters in Counseling
BA: University of Florida (Go Gators!)

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

I chose Harbor-UCLA FM because of their commitment to social justice, diversity, and the treatment of the underserved. I felt the program would give me the best training on how to treat and advocate for underserved patients and their communities.

Languages: English, working on Spanish

Professional interests: I’m interested in many aspects of medicine including adolescent care, HIV primary care, substance abuse, and sports medicine.
Who/What inspires me: Many things inspire me including the examples of resilience I see in my family, friends and community, along with my religious values that promote serving those in need and striving for excellence.
Favorite Places in LA: I don’t know LA enough to have a favorite spot, but I do remember some random place that had amazing Chilaquiles.
Celebrity Crush:Don’t really have one….maybe Shakira


Saya Yusa, MD

MD: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
BS: Biological Sciences, USC

Hometown: San Jose, CA

My first introduction to the severe disparities of our country was during my junior year at USC when I volunteered on Skid Row with Monday Night Mission. Other than handing out sandwiches, a highlight of MNM was that we would greet each person with a loud “Hi [Name]!!”. I was stricken to see how impacted these individuals were by simply being acknowledged.
Since then I have tried to explore both the disparities as well as the advocacy efforts in the US and abroad. I was introduced to the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences as an employee at a homeless shelter for individuals with a mental illness diagnoses. The theme of ACEs followed me in my clinical training in Flint, Michigan- where I was also exposed to the devastating impact that racism and negligence can have on a community.
During my interview trail, I immediately fell in love with Harbor UCLA when I saw their “Doctors for Social Justice” poster. Throughout the day it was clear that these were my people – colleagues and mentors that will help me to become an effective physician and advocate for under-resourced communities.
Professional Interests: School based health centers, Homeless healthcare, ACEs/trauma informed care

Languages: English, Japanese, high school level Spanish
Who/What inspires me: My colleagues, mentors, and patients.
Favorite places in LA: King Taco and LADWP
Celebrity Crush: Awkwafina, Hasan Minhaj, Ali Wong, and other API artists who are showing us the impact and importance of representation


Roberto Ramos, MD

MD: Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program PRIME

MPH (Health Policy & Management): UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

BA: Biology, Santa Clara University

Hometown: South Central Los Angeles

Growing up in South Central, Roberto’s family and friends would go to either King/Drew or Harbor-UCLA for hospital level care. He came to Harbor for Family Medicine training because he wanted to care for the patient population he intends to serve for the rest of his career. At Harbor he will continue advocating for the urban underserved and continue his passion for mentoring youth.

Professional Interests: Health Policy, Increasing Physician Workforce in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), Mentorship

Languages: Spanish & English
Who/What inspires me: My mother who raised me on her own taught me to never give up, believe in myself, and always fight for what is right.
Favorite Places in LA: I love to dance merengue and cumbias, which they play at Conga Room, Caña Rum, and La Cita in downtown LA.
Celebrity Crush:Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon (1980 film)


Oscar Fernandez-Arce, MD

MD: Universidad de Guadalajara

Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco. México

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many of the residents and faculty at Harbor.  What I have learned, is that this is one passionate group of people who stand up for social justice issues all while working tirelessly to serve the communities of the South Bay LA area. The people, the camaraderie, and the opportunity to maximize my skills as a Spanish speaking immigrant physician are the main reasons why I choose to do Family Medicine at Harbor-UCLA.

Professional interests: Geriatrics, diabetes control and management, and eye diseases.

Languages: Español and English
Who/What inspires me: People who are passionate about activities that they do, either for fun or for professional purposes.
Favorite Places in LA:Getty Museum, Broad Museum, and Walt Disney Concert Hall
Celebrity Crush: Zac Effron and Pete Buttigieg


Leonel Martinez, MD

MD: Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program
BS: Psychobiology and minor in Chicana/o Studies, UCLA

Hometown: North Hollywood

I chose Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine because I wanted to be part of an amazing program with incredible faculty, residents, and patients. A program that will not only train me to be an exceptional Family Medicine physician, but one that will coach me to continue growing as a community leader, advocate and a humanistic physician. As a Drew/UCLA medical student, I trained to be a physician leader dedicated to social justice and health equity for underserved communities through my clinical service, research and community engagement. As a result, I had the pleasure of working extensively at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. From these experiences, I knew the program would be an excellent place for me to learn, serve, and make a positive impact in the lives of patients who face many barriers. Additionally, as an individual from a low and heavily disadvantaged socioeconomic background myself, whose family has depended on the health services of the Los Angeles County, I wholeheartedly knew I wanted to train in a county facility in order to give back to my community and those that inspire me. Above all, my family has been my inspiration. Therefore, I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve patients, who remind me of my own family, as part of a Family Medicine program that develops excellent clinicians, community leaders and advocates.

Professional Interests: My interests are varied and include being an exceptional primary care physician that addresses the challenges faced by underserved and low socioeconomic communities. My interests also include community medicine, humanistic patient centered care, preventative medicine, sports medicine, research for underserved and low socioeconomic communities, fitness and mentoring

Languages: English and Spanish
Who/What inspires me: My amazing family, the Latino community, the diversity of Los Angeles County, physicians and partners committed to social justice and health equity.
Favorite Places in LA: The San Fernando Valley. It’s my home. Where I play soccer and spend time with my family.  


Suneun Sarah Reichert, DO

DO: A.T. Still School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona
BS:Integrative Biology and Physiology at University of California, Los Angeles

Hometown: Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Cypress, CA in 2001

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and later in Southern California by parents who worked tirelessly in faith-based non-profits, I knew from a young age that I wanted to commit my like to benefitting others. I developed strong passions for social justice, advocacy, and mental health wellness through working as a case worker for individuals with severe mental illness prior to medical school. I ultimately chose to pursue medicine and specifically family medicine for the potential to build trusting therapeutic relationships with patients, to provide comprehensive, empowering patient-centered care, and to be an active community member that aspires to improve the health of the whole community.

I chose the Harbor-UCLA family medicine program for its strong commitment to serving the underserved population, its county hospital training, and its active community outreach and advocacy programs. Additionally, I really liked the residents and faculty I met during interview day. I felt like I had found my people who shared my values and hopes for medicine. Lastly, keeping my own wellness in mind, it is very nice to be back near my family and husband.

Professional Interests: Homeless Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Correctional medicine, Integrative Medicine for mental health, and patient advocacy

Languages: English, Japanese, Basic Korean, and Basic Spanish
Who/What inspires me: Stories of resilience, hope, and kindness. My faith, my family, my amazing med school colleagues, and my husband. 
Favorite Places in LA: Hilltop park, any beach, Disneyland, anywhere with good sushi
Celebrity Crush:Hugh Jackman


Jessica Farmer, MD

MD: Keck School of Medicine at USC
MPH: Keck School of Medicine at USC
BS: Microbial Biology, University of California Berkeley

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Through my work with free clinics and safety-net hospitals in Berkeley and Los Angeles, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how social determinants of health impact patients with the most tenuous access to care and resources. I’m passionate about building relationships with patients in a primary care setting as well as doing advocacy work to amplify the voices of their communities. With Harbor’s Family Medicine program, I’ve found an incredible group of people who work towards equity on personal, community, and systemic levels. I’m honored to be able to train in a program built around a mission of social justice in and beyond the area of medicine. 

Professional Interests: health equity, policy, harm reduction, family planning

Languages: English, Spanish
Who/What inspires me: My mom, collective action, some stirring movie soundtracks. 
Favorite Places in LA: Echo Park, Ktown 
Celebrity Crush:Tessa Thompson, Riz Ahmed


Lorna Joy Echipare, DO

DO: Touro University California
BS: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior; Psychology, University of California, Davis

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Born in the Philippines, I moved to Northern California with my family at a young age. As an undergraduate student at UC Davis, I was involved in Bayanihan Clinic, a student-run free clinic, which really influenced my desire to pursue medicine. My experiences helped me recognize the importance of access to health care, despite any barriers that patients face. Harbor-UCLA’s belief in working with the underserved population and addressing the needs of the community, reminded me of what inspired me to become a physician in the first place. Also, everyone was so welcoming and friendly during my interview day!

Professional Interests: Preventative medicine, Women’s health, procedures

Languages: English, some Tagalog
Who/What inspires me: My family
Favorite Spot in Los Angeles: Anywhere where there’s good food!


Rosemarie Byrd, MD

MD: Temple University School of Medicine
BS:Biology and Chemistry, University of Miami FL


I grew up in sunny Florida in a small beach town called Melbourne Beach, near Kennedy Space Center. Each year I spent time with my family and studying in my motherland of Brazil. In my 20s, I volunteered in impoverished areas of South Africa and Ghana, and decided to commit my future medical endeavors to helping underserved communities locally and abroad. While at Temple medical school in North Philadelphia, I experienced how food deserts negatively impact health. This called me into action and I co-created a nutrition elective to equip future physicians. I will continue pursuing clinical nutrition in addition to integrative medicine to offer more for my patients. 

One of the reasons I selected Harbor-UCLA is because of their dedication to serve those who are born into less fortunate conditions. The Harbor-UCLA residents are advocates, active in their community, and down to earth. Also, when I was a MS4 doing internships in Southern California, many of the physicians I looked up to were trained here! I knew I would receive the best medical training in this LA county hospital setting. I am honored and excited to join the family! 

Languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Who/What inspires me: My family and friends, wise leaders like Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama, and people who find strength in challenges
Favorite Places in LA: Griffith Park and Observatory, the salsa jazz nights at the Edison, Echo Park, and Manhattan Beach
Celebrity Crush:Gisele Bündchen, Michelle and Barack Obama


Amanda Dupre, DO

DO: Western University of Health Sciences COMP
MPH: Loma Linda University
MS: Western University of Health Sciences
BS: Biological Sciences, University of California Irvine

Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed working in the community, which sparked my interest in medicine. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to take part in several community service activities locally and globally that have been enriching and inspired me to pursue medicine as well as a MPH. My MPH gave me a better understanding of how a physician can serve the greater community and be an advocate for patients. I chose family medicine because it provides everything I’m looking for in the medical field, such as the ability to foster long-term relationships with patients, continuity of care, emphasis on prevention and promotion of health, whole person approach, and ability to educate. I’m excited to be in a profession that helps promote change, treat, and empower patients who face health disparities.

I fell in love with Harbor-UCLA when I completed a Sub-I here during my fourth year and while volunteering at the Harbor-UCLA free clinic. I saw how compassionate and caring the people of Harbor-UCLA are. I chose Harbor-UCLA FMRP because the mission and how deeply committed everyone is to improving the health and well-being of their patients as well as their communities. I knew I wanted to be part of this movement. I’m honored and humbled to be able to train at Harbor-UCLA alongside like-minded individuals and to serve our community!

Professional Interests: Community medicine, women’s health, public health, mental health, and integrative medicine

Languages: English, basic Spanish, I’m learning
Who/What inspires me: My family, my big mama, my community, my friends, and my patients who teach me to become a better physician everyday.
Favorite Places in LA: Getty Museum, Griffith Observatory, Zuma beach, The Broad, Manhattan Beach, DTLA
Celebrity Crush: Kofi Siriboe, Jesse Williams, Obama