PCMH Fellowship

The Harbor-UCLA PCMH Fellowship prepares recent residency graduates to lead, teach, and implement new models of primary care with a special focus on care for medically underserved populations.

Darcy Benedict MD, MPH

MD/MPH: University of Illinois at Chicago
BA: Psychology, Colgate University

From my own life experiences, I recognize that many of us have faced challenges that are not readily apparent. This has driven my strong sense of social justice and commitment to improving health equity, especially for the most marginalized populations, whose optimal health is often impeded by factors beyond their control. While caring for homeless, immigrant, uninsured, low-income, and minority populations, I have become keenly aware of the extent to which social determinants of health and policy decisions can impact the health and overall quality of life within historically disenfranchised communities. Continuing to work with urban underserved populations has helped broaden my clinical understanding and appreciation for not only the challenges, but also the assets within these communities. It is this strength and resilience that resonates with me, and has been a major motivator in my drive to become a family physician, so that I may contribute to this process, one individual, family, or community at a time. I chose Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine because of its shared mission, strongly rooted in social justice, and the truly passionate and inspired residents and faculty I met who view our role in society not just as physicians, but as advocates for the patients and communities we serve.

Languages: Less than adequate Spanish, but I’m learning more every day!
Hobbies: Cooking, eating, music, houseplants, NPR, hiking, roadtrips, the beach
Who/What inspires me: My Aunt Sandi. Says what she thinks, means what she says, and she is the bravest person I know.
Celebrity crushes: David Bowie, Keegan Michael Key, Mila Kunis