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Institutional Committees – List of Resident Members

Professional Staff Association Committee List

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Council of Interns and Residents (CIR)

The Council of Interns and Residents, an affiliate of SEIU, AFL-CIO, represents county employed housestaff. The organization’s purpose is to represent its doctor-members and the interest of the patients and communities they serve through the use of collective bargaining and resident advocacy. The CIR provides disability insurance to county paid housestaff.

All county-paid residents are required to pay union dues. Residents have the choice of
being “agency fee” members who pay the required 1.35% in dues or “active”
(full dues-paying) members who pay 1.5%. Active members are allowed to cast votes on contract
settlements, delegate elections, etc. all members of the bargaining unit
whether they are “agency” or “active,” receive every benefit that the CIR negotiates.

CIR Southern California Office
(phone) 310-329-0111

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