Licensure & DEA


Interns are required to complete Step III of the USMLE licensing exam in order to complete the intern year. The web addresses for exam information are:

Federation of State Medical Boards – Application materials & information bulletin
United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) – Tutorials & other information
Prometric – Testing locations

California Medical Licensure – Policy

The Medical Board of California requires that residents who have had 24 months of training and are continuing in California be licensed by the first day of their 25th month of training no matter what year level of training he/she is entering. International Graduates have until the end of the 36th month of training, no matter what year level of training he/she is entering, to become licensed. Any resident failing to meet that requirement will be subject to termination from their program.

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center requires that residents must be familiar with the requirements for licensure by the Medical Board of California and apply for and receive a valid license by December 31 of the GY-2 year no matter what year level of training he/she is in. International medical graduates must fulfill similar requirements by the end of the GY-3 year. Once received, the resident is responsible for maintaining a current valid license for the duration of postgraduate training. Failure to be licensed as described above may cause an interruption in the continuation of training and suspension of employment without pay until a valid license has been obtained or the resident’s employment is terminated at the discretion of the program director.

Instructions for Obtaining a License

Please also see the “License Fair” section below. Applicants should submit all required documentation to the Board as soon as possible; however, without both the application and initial fees, Medical Board staff will not begin the initial review process. Therefore, complete the forms L1A through L1E and send them with your payment to the Medical Board, ASAP. This will get your licensure application review started. Forward the other documentation and final payment as it is completed, in a timely fashion.

  1. Download & complete the application packet from the California Medical Board website U.S./Canadian Medical School Graduate Application or International Medical School Graduate Application.
  2. On page L1A #6 “Public/Mailing Address,” we suggest you use the hospital address. The information you provide will be available to the public on the internet. You can use your private address in all other areas of the application. Hospital Address: Harbor-UCLA, 1000 W. Carson Street Box #, Torrance, CA 90509
  3. On page L1C-L1D, #23-25, “Criminal Record History,” you must be COMPLETELY HONEST in this section. Report any misdemeanor or felony convictions. Even if you think this information was removed from your record you should still include the information. Your fingerprint search will reveal any past convictions. If you do not include the information in the application, and it shows up on your background check, the Medical Board may not issue you a license.
  4. Have your Program Director sign forms L3A, L3B & L4, and then bring them to the GME Office for the Hospital Seal. These forms can only be signed by your Program Director after you have completed internship.
    *If you are leaving Harbor-UCLA after your intern year, form L4 should be completed by your new program director.
  5. Applicants who reside in California must complete the electronic Live Scan fingerprint process. Live Scan forms can be requested from the Board, or from the GME Office. Complete only the section that begins with “Name of Applicant” and ends with “SOC” (social security number). The results of these fingerprints are generally received within five days. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the person rolling the fingerprints submits TWO digital prints, one for the DOJ and one for the FBI. Please take care of the fingerprinting ASAP! For a listing of live scan facilities, please see visit the State of California Department of Justice website.
    *Applicants residing outside of California may travel to California for Live Scan fingerprinting or submit hard copy fingerprint cards for processing. You will need to contact the Board to obtain the appropriate fingerprint cards. Two cards will need to be submitted: for the DOJ and the FBI. The results of these fingerprint inquires are generally received within 12 weeks.
  6. Complete online or print and mail the EBAHR form to request your USMLE transcripts be mailed to the Medical Board. Visit The Federation of State Medical Boards website Both options cost $65.00. The paper form must be notarized (an additional $10.00). You can request two transcripts so you can have one sent to the Medical Board and have one sent to you. The online transcript request system is for transcripts designated for State Medical Boards only. Some State Medical Boards have elected to receive transcripts electronically. If you request a recipient(s) other than a State Medical Board, you MUST use the paper-based EBAHR form.

Renewal of California Medical Licensure – Policy

Resident Physicians at the GY-3 through GY-7 year levels must have a valid California medical license at all times and it must be renewed promptly. If a license has expired, evidence of renewal must be presented before the resident may continue training. Failure to have a valid California medical license will result in suspension of employment without pay until valid license is obtained.

Licensing Fair

Each year the GME office holds a Licensing Fair for Interns so that they can complete the paperwork necessary for Licensure in California. The following services are available at the fair for a reasonable cost: Live Scan Fingerprinting, Notary Public, and Photography. A representative from the California Medical Board is also present to review diplomas, applications, and answer questions.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Registration

Unless the Medical Center Chief Medical Officer issues a specific written exemption, licensed residents are required to obtain and use their assigned DEA registration number. A copy of this DEA certificate must be on file in the Office of Graduate Medical Education and the appropriate departmental office. Effective July 1, 1996, all residents (GY-3 and above) must present documentation that they have applied for or possess a current DEA registration. Failure to do so will result in suspension of employment without pay until the deficiency is corrected.

How To Apply For Or Renew Your DEA On-Line

Visit the DEA website and follow instructions to apply for DEA registration on-line (DEA-224). If you have questions, you may contact the DEA directly at (800) 882-9539.

As a Harbor-UCLA Medical Center employee, you are eligible for a fee exemption for your DEA registration. Please note, an exempt fee DEA is only valid at the exempting institution and any affiliate hospital rotations within the scope of your training. An exempt fee DEA is not valid for moonlighting purposes.

To receive the fee exemption complete the DEA application on-line using the hospital address as follows:

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
1000 W. Carson Street, Box #
Torrance, CA 90509
Department Phone#
Department Fax#

The Certification for Fee Exemption box must be checked in order to receive the fee exemption with the following information:

Certifying Official – Anish Mahajan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer;; (310) 222-2901

When you receive your DEA certificate, please provide a copy to your residency program office.

How To Change Your Exempting Institution

If you are joining a Residency Program at Harbor-UCLA after obtaining an fee exempted DEA# at another facility you will need to update the DEA with a new address and exempting institution. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the DEA website and download a change of address form and complete with Harbor-UCLA address as written above.
  2. Contact the GME Office to request a letter from Harbor’s Certifying Official. The letter will need to request that your exempted fee DEA# be transferred to Harbor. The letter must be signed by Harbor’s Certifying Official.
  3. Fax both forms to the Los Angeles area DEA Office: 213-894-3946

How To Change From a Fee Exempt to a Paid Status DEA

An exempt fee DEA is only valid at the exempting institution and any affiliate hospital rotations within the scope of training. If a resident decides to moonlight he/she needs to obtain a paid status DEA.

There are two ways to change a “fee exempt” DEA registration to “fee paid” for purposes of moonlighting outside of DHS or upon separation from county service. Follow these steps:

  1. Submit a new application online at and, if approved, will result in the issuance of a new DEA registration certificate marked “FEE PAID.” The new certificate will be a new DEA number and expiration date (initially 28 to 39 months). Approximate turnaround time 4-6 weeks to receive new DEA by mail.
  2. Complete the form below in order to pay the $731 registration fee and return by fax, email, or mail. Your current DEA certificate will be changed to reflect “FEE PAID”. The current expiration date does not change. Approximate turnaround 3-5 business days for payment processing, 1-2 weeks to receive updated DEA by mail.

For questions, contact DEA Registration Support at 1-800-882-9539 (8:30 – 5:50 pm ET), or at

Controlled Substance Prescription Pads

At Harbor –UCLA, all Controlled Substance Security Prescription pads are ordered by department on the County HS2 order form through the regular Procurement Office. Please contact your residency program coordinator to place your order.