Resident Jury Duty

Your Residency Training Program can request deferment of jury duty for trainees. The request will not necessarily be granted but we have had luck with this in the past.

Please note: You must follow all the directions in the jury summons letter you receive, regardless of any letter your program writes on your behalf.


Notify your Program Coordinator as soon as you receive a jury summons in the mail and provide a copy of the summons to your coordinator. Using a template created by the GME Office, your coordinator will write the Jury Commission requesting that your jury duty be postponed until after you graduate so as not to cause a hardship in your education. Be sure to keep a copy of the letter that your coordinator sends the Jury Commission.

After the letter is mailed by your Program, the Jury Commission may write you asking for more information, express that you are relieved from jury duty, or tell you that you must still show up for jury duty. Please be sure to follow any and all instructions you receive from the Jury Commission including your initial summons.