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Benefit Choices

County-paid Harbor trainees participate in the Choices benefits plan. As a Choices participant, you get a monthly benefits allowance. The amount you receive is based on the number of dependents you choose to enroll for coverage. You use this monthly allowance to go “shopping” for the benefits you need. If you have any allowance left over after you go benefits shopping, this leftover allowance will be added to your paycheck as taxable pay. Click here to visit the Choices website to view monthly benefits allowance rates and the cost of benefits as well as a comparison chart of all the Medical and Dental Plans you have to choose from.

You can log in using your six-digit ID and the two-digit month and four-digit year of your birth as your PIN (for example, if your birth month/year is October 1964, your PIN is 101964). You will then be asked to create an eight-digit password.

Extend your present health care coverage; your County coverage starts 60 days after your employment begins.

California DMV

Make an appointment to get your drivers license and register your car otherwise you will be waiting for hours. Visit to make an appointment or call 1-800-777-0133. Getting a drivers license will require an eye exam and a written exam.


Banks usually open accounts with a picture ID and major credit card but you should have cash and/or travelers checks to use until your account is opened and deposited funds have cleared.

Harbor Federal Credit Union will open accounts with a picture ID and a copy of your Appointment Agreement/Contract Credit Union maintains two ATMs on campus. The Credit union is present during Orientation in June & July should you choose to open an account at that time. Harbor Federal Credit Union

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