Visiting (or Rotating) Physicians– Check In Procedures

Harbor’s GME Policies and Procedures

Program Approval & Background Clearance:

Approved rotating/visiting physicians will be contacted by their Harbor service rotation program coordinator via email only. Detailed instructions must be followed to activate an authorized contractor profile online with a “Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Information Sheet” for every rotation. Once the online information sheet is complete, the rotation coordinator will review upon submission. After review and approval/claim, the rotation coordinator will provide instructions for Live Scan fingerprinting.

NOTE: LiveScan background clearance is required at least 2 weeks prior to start of the rotation.

Employee Health Clearance:

To obtain the required health clearance, submit a Non-County Employee Health Clearance form to the Employee Health office. Questions regarding the form may be answered by sending an email to Employee Health or calling 424-306-4050.

GME Office Registration/Check-in:

All affiliating residents are required to register with the GME Office at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center on the first day of the rotation. If the start of shift is outside business hours, registration may be done the business day prior. This registration provides non-County employee malpractice coverage (if applicable) and hospital policy information that will be helpful during the rotation. The following documentation may be emailed to the GME (contact the rotation coordinator) prior to checking in or it may be brought in person on the day of registration;

1.Affiliating Resident/Fellow Questionnaire link.
2.Code of Conduct link – Study Guide link. Correct your answers with the enclosed answer key. You must submit both the Answer Sheet and the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement to the GME office.
3.Privacy and Security Survival answer sheet link – Read the Study Guide link. Correct your answers to the quiz link with the enclosed answer key link. You must submit the Answer Sheet to the GME office.
4.Proof of current California Medical License*
5.Proof of current DEA Certificate (if applicable)
6.Valid ECFMG Certificate (for International Medical Graduates)

Physician parking passes assigned at check-in must be returned to the GME office at the end of rotation (if service is completed before June). White coats and/or hospital scrubs are not automatically provided to affiliating residents. See below**.

ORCHID Training:

Rotation Coordinators must schedule their rotating/visiting physician for ORCHID training within their department. A rotating/visiting physician “C” number is required for access during the training. ORCHID training is required for the rotating/visiting physician to start their rotation at Harbor.

Harbor-UCLA ID Badge:

Per hospital policy, all personnel must wear a valid Harbor-UCLA hospital badge for identification purposes as well as security access through physician-only areas and other amenities. After credentials have been verified with the GME office, the rotating physician will be directed to Harbor Human Resources to receive a Harbor-UCLA validated picture ID badge. The Harbor-UCLA ID badge enables you to receive meals at no charge in the Doctor’s Dining Room for the duration of your rotation. Computer access codes will be provided by the Harbor-UCLA Information Systems office with proof of a valid Harbor-UCLA ID badge. Activation of badges takes effect within 72 hours of issuance or less. Please contact Human Resources at 424-306-4900 with concerns regarding faulty badges.

* California state law requires that all U.S. Medical School graduates obtain licensure by end of the 24th month of training; foreign medical graduates have until the end of the 36th month of training. Trainees wishing to rotate at Harbor from outside the state, and who do not have a CA license, may be eligible to do so if they meet the requirements of the Institutional Policy for Resident Guest Rotations and complete the necessary paperwork.

NOTE: There is a $25 fee for a lost ID badge or lost parking pass.

**Harbor-UCLA Scrubs: Harbor-UCLA scrub dispensing procedure for rotating contractors, residents and students