Food Services

There are several options for meals at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Doctor’s Dining Room


  • 0630-0830 Monday – Friday
  • 0700-0815 Weekends & Holidays


  • 1100-1400 Monday – Friday
  • 1100-1315 Weekends & Holidays


  • 1645-1830 Monday – Friday
  • 1645-1815 Weekends & Holidays

Public Cafeteria

  • 0600-2100 Monday – Friday
  • 0600-2030 Weekends & Holidays

After Hours Meals for House Staff Only

Call 310-222-3374 to obtain a meal after hours (until 8:00 PM). A sack lunch will be provided if hot food is unavailable. You will need to pick up your meal from the main basement kitchen. After 8:00 PM, Food Services leaves several meals in the refrigerator in the Doctor’s Dining Room for those people who missed dinner and are too late to for the after hours call-in option.

Food Vending Machines (24 hours a day)

There are beverage, regular, refrigerated and frozen food vending machines located in the corridor outside of the Doctor’s Dining Room. These vending machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Microwaves are available in the Doctor’s Dining Room and the public dining area.