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Nephrology Training Curriculum

    * Nephrology Fellowship Program Guide
    * Consultation Rotation Goals and Objectives
    * Outpatient Clinical Program Goals and Objectives
    * Research Rotation Goals and Objectives
    * Renal Transplant Rotation Goals and Objectives

    ACGME Program Requirements

      * ACGME Program Requirements for Internal Medicine Residency
      * ACGME Program Requirements for Nephrology Fellowship
      * Recognizing Sleep Deprivation

      CQI Project Communication Documents

        * PD Patient Discharge Summary Form
        * Nephrology Clinic Visit Patient Instructions

        Articles on Renal Ethics

          * Practical Considerations in Dialysis Withdrawal
          * No Heroic Measures: How Soon Is Too Soon to Stop?
          * Medical Director Responsibilities Regarding Disruptive Behavior in the Dialysis Center
          * Priority Dilemmas in Dialysis: The Impact of Old Age
          * Treating Difficult or Disruptive Dialysis Patients: Practical Strategies Based on Ethical Principles
          * Interprofessional Ethics Rounds Concerning Dialysis Patients: Staff’s Ethical Reflections Before and After Rounds

          Special Renal Topics

            * Adrenal Gland and Renal Sonography
            * Management of Bacteremia in Tunneled-Cuffed Hemodialysis Catheters
            * The Role of Bone Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Renal Osteodystrophy
            * Principles of Effective Consultation
            * Renal Osteodystrophy
            * Fluoroscopy-Patient Radiation Exposure Issues


              * ABIM Nephrology Board Certification Examination Blueprint
              * ASN Virtual Mentor Dialysis Curriculum
              * ASN Fellow Website
              * Information on Publishing Case Report by Fellows
              * UCLA Division of Nephrology
              * Renal Physicians Association (RPA) Presentations on Business Issues Around Nephrology Practice
              * Pubmed@Parlow Library
              * PD Curriculum


                * Hemodialysis Discharge Summary Form
                * Peritoneal Dialysis Discharge Summary Form
                * Vacation Request Form
                * Moonlighting Approval Form

                Lectures and Grand Rounds

                  * Influence of Renal Disease and Dialysis on Drug Dosing – Eric Brass, M.D.
                  * Membranous Nephropathy: An Allegory for Optimism – Sharon Adler, M.D.

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