Support Staff

The Harbor-UCLA Orthopaedic Residency Training Program has sufficient technical, clerical, and other non-physician personnel to support its administrative and educational conduct.

The Program office is staffed by our Department Administrator, Susana Barron, who manages all the business affairs of the Department; a Residency Coordinator, Christina Sanchez, who works with the Program Director and serves as a liaison between the residents and faculty; and office personnel, Marina Molina, who provides secretarial and administrative support.

The Department is blessed to have two Nurse Practitioner (NP) positions. Liz Medina is our Orthopaedic Surgery Trauma Nurse Practitioner. She functions to offload the administrative burden that would otherwise be borne by the Orthopaedic Trauma chief residents. Liz is involved in all phases of pre-surgical preparation of patients for elective surgical intervention on the Orthopaedic Trauma service. She is our critical interface between the Orthopaedic providers, the patient, pre-Anesthesia testing and the surgery scheduling office. Gladis Funes is our Orthopaedic Inpatient Nurse Practitioner. She is involved in all phases in the stream of care of our Orthopaedic adult patients. Gladis functions as a critical interface with rehab services, our DME (durable medical equipment) providers, the Utilization Review nurses, and our discharge planners. She provides oversight and supervises all aspects of inpatient Orthopaedic care. As the trainer of our Departmental and off-service PGY1 residents, she is our critical educational resource in training interns regarding the inpatient management of our Orthopaedic patients.

The program currently has a group of Physician Assistants who function as physician extenders in the clinics. They play a very valuable role in providing “protected time” for residents —free from clinical responsibility—to pursue didactic studies in clinical orthopaedics, basic science, as well as research. The program recently added a surgical trauma specialist.

Our Orthopaedic Operating Room Nurse Coordinator, Anida Phathayakorn, and Chief Orthopaedic Surgical Technician, Roger Abarca train specialized, dedicated surgical teams of circulating nurses and surgical technicians with specific expertise in various orthopaedic procedures. Their responsibilities include the ordering of instruments, implants, tissue bank materials, and other specialized equipment for all surgical cases performed by the department. This has been a tremendous educational benefit to residents in optimizing the surgical training experience, and improving efficiency and productivity with regard to teaching and educational activities.
The Department of Nursing provides excellent support of the program with inpatient and outpatient clinic nursing staff, as well as cast room, Ortho/Cast tech personnel. Institutional support by the medical center is also excellent in support of the program, with adequate representation on all committees and councils whose actions affect resident training, education, and patient care.

At all affiliated program institutions, the technical, clerical, and other non-physician personnel support for the administrative and educational conduct of the program are also present.