Harbor UCLA Medical Center Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
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County of Los Angeles

Harbor UCLA Medical Center

The hospital is located in the City of Torrance in southwestern Los Angeles County. As the center of a progressive metropolitan area, it serves a population of more than 2,000,000 as a Trauma Center facility and the major center for care of L.A. County patients in this area. The hospital is 20 freeway miles from the UCLA campus, and from the University of Southern California, and downtown Los Angeles, and it is less than five miles from the Pacific Ocean. The mild climate is typical of coastal Southern California.

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is a 433-bed hospital with several large outpatient clinical services, serving the southwestern portion of Los Angeles County. It is one of the four main medical centers of the UCLA School of Medicine and the second largest of the LA County hospital facilities. More than 20,000 in-patients are admitted and 250,000 out-patients are seen in our clinics every year.  The hospital facilities have undergone extensive renovation, modernization, and earthquake retrofitting. 



The A. F. Parlow Library at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is located adjacent to the main hospital.  The library provides educational resources (texts, journals, reference material and online resources) and study areas.  Residents are allowed to acess the collection of the UCLA campus library via the Parlow Library.  



Resident participation in research and publication in areas of their interest is highly encouraged and supported. The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute is adjacent to the Harbor UCLA Medical Center, and supervises the basic and clinical research at the Medical Center.



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