Michele Matthews, M.D., MBA.

Hassan Ghani, M.D.

Henning Gertz, M.D.

Luan (Henry) Nguyen, M.D.

Justin Kurtz, M.D.


Joshua Byers, M.D.

Sai Gudiwada, M.D. (Chief)

Maryam Masouminia, M.D. (Chief)


Jiajie (George) Lu, M.D.


Medical School: Columbia

Something about myself: I grew up in California, was on the East Coast for my education, and decided to come back. I really liked my pathology rotation in medical school, and this helped me decide to go into this field. Looking through slides, finding pathologic features, and correlating with clinical context is stimulating, like solving a puzzle. In my spare time, I like to exercise (kind of) and play piano.

What I like about Harbor: Because of the patient population, we get many interesting cases. Some of them show very advanced pathology and we get quite a few zebras. Frozen section and unknown case conferences are fun!

Areas of Interest in Pathology: Surgical pathology

Kenechukwu Ojukwu, M.D.

Undergraduate: UC Berkeley, California

Medical School: Charles Drew University/David Geffen School of Medicine (PRIME)

Something about yourself – My name is Kenechukwu Ojukwu. Most folks call me “Kene”.  I am a passionate physician excited about my privilege to learn and take care of patients for living.  I believe “to whom much is given, much is expected”.  So you typically will find me looking for ways to use my powers for good.

Why are you interested in Pathology? – I literally fell in love with pathology after realizing how diverse, relevant and necessary the specialty is in the realm of any medical practice. I feel the specialty brings out the best of my talent, knowledge and passion.

Your hobbies? – I love to learn new things, dance, watch TV/films, plan projects, kickbox, hang out with friends/family and have analytical conversations that discuss the many meanings of life.

What you like about Harbor: I love our patient population. I love how necessary it is to care about your job as a physician at Harbor to actually do a good job.  I love that the hospital is “resident run” and that we take pride in taking ownership of our cases.

Areas of Interest in Pathology: Surgical Pathology, GI Pathology, Quality Improvement, Education policy

Sara Samadzadeh, M.D.

Yue Jia, M.D., PhD.


Matthew Crabtree, M.D.

University of Washington (BS)

University of California, Irvine (MS)

Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin (MD)

About me
I am a pathology resident at Harbor-UCLA. Before medical school, I had an established career as a research scientist in academia and in private industry, with areas of focus that included immunology, genetics, rheumatology, and oncology. Now, as a resident of pathology, I feel that my work is contributing to others in a more substantial way. My responsibility to my patients gives me a greater sense of fulfillment as I continue to grow in my role as a physician.

What you like about Harbor
Our attending physicians have a wealth of knowledge in diverse areas of pathology that have taken many years of study to accumulate. At Harbor-UCLA, we collaborate to bring this breadth of knowledge to our patients in actionable ways that improve their health. I enjoy working with the amazing people at Harbor, and really enjoy seeing what we can achieve together.

Areas of Interest in Pathology: Hematopathology; Molecular Pathology

Maria Miranda-Taylor, M.D.

Undergraduate: UC Berkeley, American Studies Major

Medical School: UC Davis

Something about yourself: As a new resident at Harbor I’m getting to know my fellow residents, attendings and staff. The many challenges of residency are easily met with the comradery we develop and support we provide for each other as we work towards a common goal of providing the best care for our patients.

Why are you interested in Pathology? It’s fun. I get to use my innate visual/pattern recognition skills to solve medical puzzles. I love getting to know the “why” and “how” of pathophysiology. Being able to solve diagnostic mysteries in the service of patients and their families makes this career truly my passion.

Your hobbies? My large extended family lives in NorCal so I try to go home as often as possible. I plan on reading for fun soon, right after my next exam.

What you like about Harbor: I love the weather and being close to the beach and all kinds of activities and entertainment. The patient population that Harbor delivers care to is the same kind of community I grew up in.

Areas of Interest in Pathology: Still exploring my options.

Anamaria Munteanu, M.D., Ph.D.

Truc Tran, M.D.