Sai Gudiwada, M.D. (Chief)

Undergraduate – Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Andhra Pradesh, India

Medical School- Dr. P.S.I of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation, affiliate of NTR University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India

Something about yourself – I am a foreign medical graduate trained in India, moved to the United States to pursue further education. Work experience includes clinical and basic science research from working at several reputable institutions like Stanford University and Columbia University. Currently pursuing Pathology Residency training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. I am in my Third year of training and loving every bit of the time I have spent here. I am also the Chief Resident of the department.

 Why are you interested in Pathology? Pathology is a unique specialty of medicine, in conjunction with multiple other specialties. As pathologists, we interpret test results of various types and make a big difference in patient care. We are the directors behind the scenes, contributing significantly to patient’s wellbeing. There is a good work life balance in this specialty with one of the highest job satisfaction survey results consistently over span of several years.

 Your hobbies? I love taking long strolls by the beach, cooking different types of cuisines, watching suspense films and most of all spending time with my adorable little angel, my daughter.

What you like about Harbor? Harbor has the county element to it, making it a unique place to train compared to other institutions. The volume and diversity of pathology seen here makes the residents more knowledgeable and confident to practice independently upon graduation. The location of Harbor in Los Angeles area, which is the entertainment capital and such excellent weather year round allows the residents several things to do outside of work thereby having a healthy mind and body.

Areas of Interest in Pathology- I am particularly interested in Women’s Health Pathology. I will be going to UCLA, Westwood Campus for my fellowship training.

Maryam Masouminia, M.D. (Chief)

Medical School- Iran University of Medical Sciences

Something about yourself – I grew up in a beautiful mountainous area on the west side of Iran, where all the mountains are white in the winters and covered with flowers in springs. I started my journey in medicine by entering one of the most competitive medical schools, followed by several research activities and publications. Being persistent and assertive to reach what I want is a significant part of my personality. As Rumi, our magnificent poet says, “Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; how much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”

Why are you interested in Pathology?  During my medical training, I was impressed by the strong scientific background in pathology which made me interested in pursuing my career in this field. A discipline that explores the origins of diseases by using a wide range of sciences like histology, cell and molecular biology and biomedicine to diagnose and treats conditions that affect human life. A surgeon wouldn’t open a patient before consulting a pathologist!

Your hobbies? I love cooking, gardening, watching movies, exercising and walking my dog!

What you like about Harbor? Harbor UCLA is located in the south bay area of Los Angeles County and is close to the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of multicultural restaurants around the hospital which makes it possible to have small parties for a colleague birthday, baby shower, etc. Also, the county nature of HUMC has given us the chance to see a variety of cases that makes us a better pathologist in the future.

Areas of Interest in Pathology- I like all the areas of pathology and aiming to be an excellent general pathologist. Dermatopathology is the field I love to explore more; that’s why I