A growing body of evidence supports the effectiveness of simulation-based medical education as a tool to enhance the knowledge and performance of health care providers to contribute to patient safety. Simulation strengthens confidence and promotes learning by providing a safe and supportive environment for mastering technical skills, practicing critical decision making, learning system-based practices and protocols, or developing communication and interpersonal skills.

Recognizing the strengths of simulation training and requirements for Graduate Medical Education, in 2011 Harbor-UCLA administration commited to developing the Simulation and Skills Center at Harbor-UCLA (SSC) under the Directorship of Tom Kallay, MD at Harbor-UCLA (SSC) under the Directorship of Tom Kallay, M.D. After securing and developing a space in the bungalos on campus, the SSC has established itself as a multidisciplinary educational center open to all members of the Harbor-UCLA campus community.

Current offerings include a flexible simulation environment capable of delivering high-fidelity medical and surgical scenarios, skills training, provider certification courses, and more. Since inception in March 2011, the SSC has served over 3,500 participants from 17 departments and divisions on the Harbor-UCLA campus, and has participated in research aimed at improving patient safety and medical education. For the youth in our community, the SSC holds events for local schools to promote career goals in health care and education.

The mission of the SSC is to