Advocacy: Clinical Programs

Harbor-UCLA Pediatrics offers a diverse set of clinics, programs and services to treat disadvantaged and high-risk children of all ages. Many of these services are offered via regular outpatient clinics staffed by our pediatric faculty and residents.

Be Forever Fit

The Be Forever Fit clinic, in partnership with UniHealth Foundation, is on a mission to provide multidisciplinary and tertiary care services for children and adolescents with obesity through our clinic, to provide subspecialty support to community providers who evaluate pediatric patients with obesity, and to enhance training of pediatric providers in management of childhood and adolescent overweight/obesity.

Child Crisis Center

The Child Crisis Center evaluates and supports children who have been, or are suspected of being, abused or neglected. They receive referrals for evaluation across Los Angeles County.

Child Life Services

The Child Life Services program provides play opportunities for our inpatients and outpatients to create a sense of normalcy and minimize the stress associated with medical illnesses and procedures.

Childhood Injury Prevention Program

Injury prevention is a collaborative effort of the Departments of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Surgery, involving safety education and promotion within the hospital, as well as community outreach projects.

Failure to Thrive (FTT) Clinic

The FTT Clinic uses a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for children who are unable to achieve their growth potential, with services delivered both in clinical (inpatient/outpatient) settings as well as in the home, so that environmental and socioeconomic factors may be addressed.

Family Support Clinic

Families which are identified in the newborn nursery as needing stronger social support and closer follow-up are referred to the Family Support Clinic.

Infants of Substance Abu