The Failure to Thrive (FTT) clinic is a place where children with impaired growth and developmental concerns are evaluated and treated with the highest level of quality care, respect, and confidentiality.

What is FTT?

FTT is a term commonly used to refer to children who are unable to gain weight and grow (within normal range) as expected. Children with FTT usually have a weight that is below the normal growth chart (the 5th percentile) for their age.

What causes FTT?

There are many causes that contribute to failure to thrive. They may include the following:
— Conditions with the gastrointestinal system
— Chronic illness
— An intolerance of milk or formula
— Infections
— Metabolic disorders
— Poor nutrition
— Environmental factors

Who will be treating my child?

The treatment of failure to thrive is carried out by our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, pediatric nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and occupational/physical therapists. Because many FTT patients require additional services our case manager provides home visits, individualized health education, and referrals to other community resources. Members of our team are bilingual and are sensitive to our multicultural population.

What should I expect during the clinic visit?

There are several components of the FTT Clinic visit. The evaluation may consist of the following:
— Review of past medical history
— Physical examination
— Consult with nutritionist
— Consult with occupational/physical therapist
— Blood work and x-rays may or may not be required

Who pays for the FTT Clinic visit?

Our hospital accepts Medi-Cal, CHDP, CCS and Community Health Plan (CHP). All other health plans must be reviewed for prior approval.

Clinic Information

The Pediatric Clinic takes place Tuesday mornings and is located in the main hospital on the first floor behind the registration window. The initial FTT visit may be as long as two hours. Please be on time and bring a snack for your family. Click here for parking and directions.

Contact Information

Carol Berkowitz, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.E.P.
Program Director

Olga DeJesus, M.P.H.
Program Coordinator & Case Manager

Failure to Thrive Program
1000 W. Carson Street, Box 437
Torrance, CA 90502
Main Phone: (310) 222-3091
Appointments: (310) 222-3807
Fax: (310) 533-8579