Richard Mink, M.D.
Richard Mink, M.D.Fellowship Program Director

Overview, Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship

The Los Angeles County/Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship is a three-year program fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Our goals are to provide the trainee with the knowledge and skills to care for critically ill children and to enable the trainee to make contributions to the field of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. These goals are accomplished through clinical service, structured educational conferences and independent assignments with consistent feedback on progress.

The strength of the clinical training is based on the vastly different experiences obtained in the intensive care units at two institutions, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). The two hospitals are highly complementary, both in patient population and administrative structure, and this confers a significant benefit in terms of experience. At CHOC, the Fellow is exposed to a variety of diseases encountered at a tertiary care Children’s center, including a busy cardiac surgery program, transport and sedation services, as well as higher level therapies such as extracorporeal life support and bone marrow transplantation.

At Harbor-UCLA, the Fellow plays a central role in the management of critically ill infants, children and adolescents predominately from an underserved population. Patients with a wide variety of diseases are encountered, especially those admitted for traumatic injury, since Harbor-UCLA is one of LA County’s Pediatric Trauma Centers. By rotating through these two hospitals, the Fellow interact with over 14 faculty trained in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, as well as multiple pediatric subspecialists. At the end of the program, our Fellows are well prepared to practice critical care medicine in a variety of settings. Commuting between the two centers is not an issue since fellows are assigned to only one of the two hospitals at any given time.


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