Chief Resident

Melinda Palma, M.D.
Melinda Palma, M.D.Current Chief Resident

Housestaff Details

There are 30 pediatric residents and two chief residents this year. Pediatric housestaff interact closely with residents from the Departments of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. In addition to caring for general pediatric patients, pediatric housestaff coordinate the care of pediatric surgical patients with the subspecialty surgical services. Pediatrics has primary responsibility for pre-op and post-op management of their surgical patients. Medical students from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA commonly receive a significant part of their pediatric training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Fourth year students from other medical schools also frequent the Harbor-UCLA clinical services. Teaching of medical students is a shared responsibility of full-time faculty, volunteer clinical faculty, housestaff, and subspecialty fellows in the Department of Pediatrics.


Kirsten Andersen, M.D.
Kirsten Andersen, M.D.Columbia University
Tiffany Chow, M.D.
Tiffany Chow, M.D.Benā€Gurion University of the Negev
Christopher Ferber, M.D.
Christopher Ferber, M.D.David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Shaheen Harandi, MD, MPH
Shaheen Harandi, MD, MPHTufts University School of Medicine
Francesca Hernandez, M.D.
Francesca Hernandez, M.D.David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Candice Moreno, M.D.
Candice Moreno, M.D.University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
Michael Nguyen, M.D.
Michael Nguyen, M.D.Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University
Katherine Nielsen, M.D.
Katherine Nielsen, M.D.University of Arizona College of Medicine Tucson
Nisha Wadhwa, M.D.
Nisha Wadhwa, M.D.University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Michelle Zhou, M.D.
Michelle Zhou, M.D.University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine


Brian Hernandez, M.D.
Brian Hernandez, M.D.University of California Riverside School of Medicine
Daniel Mai, M.D.
Daniel Mai, M.D.UCLA/Drew Medical Education Program
Anna Nadhan, M.D.
Anna Nadhan, M.D.Lewis Katz School of Medicine
My An Nguyen, M.D.
My An Nguyen, M.D.Wayne State University School of Medicine
Princella Olalo, M.D.
Princella Olalo, M.D.Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Thomas Pham, D.O.
Thomas Pham, D.O.Western University of Health Sciences
Sara Sahl, M.D.
Sara Sahl, M.D.St. George's University
Christina Schroeder, M.D.
Christina Schroeder, M.D.Drexel University College of Medicine
Ankit Singla, M.D.
Ankit Singla, M.D.Wayne State University School of Medicine
Belinda Wong, M.D.
Belinda Wong, M.D.University of Texas School of Medicine


Kevin Basiago, D.O.
Kevin Basiago, D.O.Western University of Health Sciences
Diana Chernikova, M.D.
Diana Chernikova, M.D.Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Hyo-Jung Cho, M.D.
Hyo-Jung Cho, M.D.University of Queensland School of Medicine
Jenny Hung, M.D.
Jenny Hung, M.D.Michigan State College of Human Medicine - Flint
Michael Leeson, M.D.
Michael Leeson, M.D.University of Massachusetts
Dandan Ma, M.D.
Dandan Ma, M.D.University of Central Florida
Darien Nguyen, M.D.
Darien Nguyen, M.D.Chicago Medical School
Paola Perez, M.D.
Paola Perez, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Christy Syriac, M.D.
Christy Syriac, M.D.Ross University School of Medicine
'Nick' Heui Uhm, M.D.
'Nick' Heui Uhm, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles