Financial Support

Approximate Salaries (as of 10/01/2019)
—PL1: $55,444.89*
—PL2: $60,222.72*
—PL3: $65,252.28*
*Plus benefits (medical, dental, and pension fund)



4 weeks every year


Professional Leave

Professional leave may be taken as leave of absence not to exceed limits determined by department.


Parental Leave

Residents may take sick leave and vacation as parental leave. In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, 12 weeks of unpaid leave may be taken as parental leave or to provide care for children, parents, or close relatives. However, this may affect the overall duration of the residency training necessary to meet the requirements of the Special Requirements of the Essentials of Accredited Residencies, specialty boards and/or State licensure.


Sick Leave

Eight days/year accumulated at rate of one per month to a maximum of eight.


Professional Liability Coverage

The County of Los Angeles insures all employees against liability for bodily injury and property damage resulting from their actions in their course of duty. This includes malpractice insurance for members of the housestaff when they are acting in their official capacity as an employee of Los Angeles County. This coverage also includes legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed after the completion of graduate medical education if the alleged acts or omissions of the houseofficer are within the scope of the education program.


Hospital and Health Insurance

Several health insurance programs, which include both indemnity plans and HMO’s, are available as Los Angeles County employees. In general, there is no cost to houseofficers for individual health insurance, but there are monthly premiums if a spouse or family members are included in the coverage. Dental insurance is also available as a County employee.


Living Quarters

There is adequate housing in the immediate vicinity of the hospital at reasonable cost.



Meals are provided to the housestaff members without cost while on duty or on call and available for duty.



Uniforms are furnished and laundered by the hospital without charge to the houseofficer.


Disability Insurance

The County of Los Angeles provides long term disability insurance, administered through the JCIR. This coverage is automatic and is provided at no cost to County employed residents who are on the County payroll as of July 1st. This policy provides group and individual coverage with no sign up requirements, plus conversion rights.