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Lean Results at Harbor-UCLA

    While relatively new at Harbor, Lean teams have already accomplished much. Below are a few examples of work done by line staff in their respective areas:

  • Reduced the wait time from notification of patients that they would be discharged to the time they were discharged from 10 hours at baseline to 2 hours after LEAN implementation—a remarkably 80% reduction in wait time;
  • Reduced the wait time from the time the discharge orders are written to the time the patient leaves the hospital from 3 hours to 2 hours, a 33% reduction;
  • Reduced the number of harm events, including patient falls and medication errors, from 41 combined over 6 months at baseline to 0 events with harm over the past 12 months—this extraordinary accomplishment is particularly important as it demonstrates that LEAN not only improves efficiency but enhances patient safety and reduces patient harm;
  • Through 5-S Event in the Post Anesthesia Recovery Area (part of the OR Service Line) we returned (2) private post-anesthesia recovery rooms back into service for patient care through collating supplies and wheelchairs in another location;
  • Through 5-S Events in inpatient units, we have experienced a cost savings of over $35,000 (less supplies [overstock] on shelves (as of 2/2016)
  • Reduced the clinic cycle time in the Eye Clinic from over 4 hours to just over 2 hours; cut surgical wait times for eye surgeries from several months to one month or less)

Saving time is saving lives in healthcare…

    Eliminating waste saves time. Harbor-UCLA was recognized at the Los Angeles County 30th Annual Productivity & Quality Awards (PQA) Program for the following time study findings after completing 5S in 22 supply areas in patient care units:

  • $561, 779.63 in cost avoidance
  • $62,010.91 in cost savings
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