CAP II Training

CAP II Rotations

TIES for Families
Fellows work with TIES for Families, a program that focuses on young children and enhancing adoption experiences for families, a day a week for six months. At TIES for Families the fellows are supervised by Karen Rathburn, Ph.D. They observe assessments of young children, occasionally provide psychopharmacology consults, and participate as part of a multi-disciplinary team. They also attend lectures and learn evidence-based approaches to parenting such at Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.

Sub-Specialty Clinic
Fellows work for six months with Dr. McKenna, developing a clinic within the Harbor-UCLA clinic that serves four purposes: 1) to provide further assessment of children seen in the emergency room at Harbor-UCLA, 2) to provide prompt follow up for children in the Harbor-UCLA catchment area who have recently been dicharged from a psychiatric hospital, 3) to provide teaching of child psychiatry to residents in pediatrics, child neurology and family medicine who must have child mental health training as part of their residency curriculum, and 4) to provide opportunities for CAP II fellows to mature in teaching, consulting and supervising under the supervision of Dr. McKenna.

Outpatient Treatment
During the second year, fellows continue to follow their outpatients. They provide medication management to patients in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy service. The do fewer initial evaluations than the CAP I fellows.

Elective Rotations
At the end of the first year, fellows meet with Dr. McKenna to plan their elective time. Fellows may broaden or deepen their interest areas by taking advantage of established electives or working to develop a new elective when possible. Current fellows are rotating at the UCLA Westwood Campus in the Anxiety, OCD and Tourette’s program, the Couples and Family Therapy program, the partial hospitalization program for young children, and the Parenting and Friendship program for children with autism spectrum disorders. There is a Child Maltreatment, Advocacy and Forensic elective established at Harbor-UCLA in conjunction with pediatrics in which a child fellow can join the multidisciplinary team of pediatricians and psychologist to provide mental health assessment and consultation, teaching and liaison to community services while learning from the other members of the team. On this elective, fellows have the chance to attend multidisciplinary conferences regarding medical aspects of child maltreatment and to watch one-way mirror interviews of children who may have experienced abuse. There are other electives at Cedars Sinai and at USC and additional electives are in the process of being developed.

CAP II Didactics

Fellows have 12 months of specialty training 2 hours a week to learn Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and are part of the DBT team. Fellows also have weekly seminars on the Harbor-UCLA campus to learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and to discuss more advanced topics in child and adolescent psychiatry.

CAP II Supervision

CAP II fellows receive group supervision in the DBT program and during CBT didactics with Dr. Avina. Fellows also receive supervision while rotating on required and elective rotations. They additionally receive one hour of individual supervision per week.