Why I chose Harbor for residency

When I was interviewing, a mentor said to me, “The most important part of residency is that you leave prepared to practice on your own.” It sounds obvious, but it felt so clarifying. I decided there were few places that would prepare me better than an LA County hospital! Absolutely, a universal theme of training at Harbor is that you will be prepared. The patient population here is incredibly diverse with a wide range of psychopathology, and the program structure allows for unparalleled continuity. You can follow the same patient as their primary provider from the emergency room, to the inpatient unit, to the outpatient clinic (starting in PGY-2), all at the same time, and then follow that patient for the next 3 years!

Although the clinical training is outstanding, it is the people that make Harbor feel like home. The culture here is laid-back and familial- within the program and throughout the hospital. Security guards greet people by name, staff plays together on intramural teams; last week, I saw residents throwing a baby shower for a food services worker. At Harbor, you will feel like you’re part of a community, and be tremendously supported as a trainee. Trust me, it makes a huge impact on your quality of life when call is actually fun. (Not to mention leaving work with the sun still up and perfect weather!)