A day in the life of a PGY-3

I wake up in a feverish sweat, as I realize I’ve slept through my fourth alarm.
Luckily, I’m awake by 7:30, and commuting in the South Bay allows me to dodge the perils of the 405.

I arrive in time to receive sign-out from the residents working hard in our one-of-a-kind Adolescent Psychiatry Emergency Room. A usual day on our Child/Adolescent Psychiatry rotation may be busy; however, it offers a unique glimpse into emergency psychiatry for children.

On another day, I may be a liaison to a concerned primary team, who is attempting to work up a patient exhibiting bizarre behavior. With the clinical acumen that Harbor has taught me, we cannot deduce this is first-break schizophrenia, and a more thorough work-up reveals anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis!

These skills are further refined in our board-review lectures and monthly move nights, in which we discuss themes in cinema to various psycho-analytic and -dynamic theories. At the end of the week, I might find myself heading back to the Psych ER, not to complete a call shift (especially as I am not scheduled weekend shifts), but to complete an overnight paid moonlighting shift, to help pay off some of my loans.