The Perks of Being a PGY-4

By this year, we have rotated through all of the different services and have developed specific interests in various areas of psychiatry. This year we spend half of our time in the outpatient clinic seeing patients that we have established relationships with over the previous two years. Part of this clinic time is dedicated to therapy supervision and didactics. The rest of our time is spent in electives of our choosing.

As fourth-year residents, we have the option of participating in a wide range of electives offered through Harbor-UCLA, UCLA NPI, Long Beach VA, and Kaiser Southbay. Additionally, we have the freedom to create electives tailored to our distinct interests. For example, there is a current fourth year that is collaborating with a legal team to provide services for asylum seekers, another who is learning different modalities of trauma-focused therapy, and another who is working with the L.A. County Office of Diversion & Reentry to provide services and evaluations in the correctional setting.

Residency has been a transformative experience that would not have been possible without the support of my program and the invaluable friendships that I’ve built with my fellow residents and staff. The idea of the “Harbor Family” is real. The time I’ve spent at Harbor has made a significant contribution to my development as a capable and compassionate clinician, dedicated advocate, and even in my personal growth in the various roles that I hold outside of work.