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Performance Improvement at Harbor-UCLA

At Harbor-UCLA, we have a long tradition of commitment to providing the highest quality of care for the insured as well as the underserved.

Our Mission is to put patients first and provide exceptional patient-centered care with the compassion and respect we would want for our loved ones, regardless of the ability to pay.

Harbor-UCLA’s True North

There are greater expectations from our patients as well as payers to do more (improve access to care) and do better (improve healthcare processes and outcomes) with less (decrease the cost of healthcare). As a result of the challenges we face, we simply do not have the luxury of implementing improvements one by one or take the chance of implementing improvements that are not strategically aligned or sustainable. To support transformative change, we can no longer rely on “good people and smart leaders” utilizing their personal drive, collective experiences and numerous traditional approaches to “make things happen.”

Like other healthcare organizations across the country, we are facing multiple challenges with healthcare reform. We now have greater opportunities for increased revenue with more patients obtaining health insurance. However, those same patients have more opportunities than ever before to choose where they will receive their care.

To learn more about True North, please go to Harbor Intranet homepage.

Saving Sight | The Toyota Effect

Oscar-nominated director Kief Davidson visits the busy eye clinic at Harbor-UCLA hospital, where patients were going blind waiting for medical services. He takes a look at the results of the hospital’s partnership with Toyota, quite literally through the failing eyes of Liseth, a diabetic patient hoping for a positive outcome.

Harbor-UCLA Kaizen Promotion Team

Kaizen Promotion Office Team

Susan Black, RNP, MSN
Susan Black, RNP, MSNChief, Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO)
Denise Ranada, RN, MSN
Denise Ranada, RN, MSNSupervisor, Kaizen Promotion Office
Alejandra 'Alex' Saldana
Alejandra 'Alex' SaldanaLean Facilitator, Kaizen Promotion Office
Annette Berbano, RN, BSN, CCRN
Annette Berbano, RN, BSN, CCRNLean Facilitator, Kaizen Promotion Office
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer TaylorOffice Manager, Kaizen Promotion Office
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