5S: It Takes a Team!


This section houses the most recent versions of templates and other work files used in 5S.

5S is a structured means to better organized the workplace to ensure needed supplies are conveniently located and available without fail. 5S increases productivity as less time is spent searching and fetching supplies and equipment to do the job.

Preparing for a 5S Event:

  • Standardized Work – 5S Pre-Work: Walkthrough – A Walkthrough is a get-together at the gemba (workplace) to identify pre-work assignments that need to be completed prior to a 5S Event. A Walkthrough team consists of multidisciplinary members from the line staff, Environmental Services, Facilities Management, Infection Prevention & Control, Supply Chain/Warehouse, KPO, and other departments involved.

5S Event Resources:

The following documents are displayed in the supply room after a 5S event as visual references for the team.

  • What is 5S Sign – contains a brief definition of 5S.
  • Before & After 5S Template – The before & after pictures serve as a reminder of everyone’s hardwork–not only on the day of the 5S event, but also the team’s continuous effort keeping their supply & equipment rooms organized.
  • 5S Supplies Legend – this set of Legends was pioneered by the Emergency Department team and is now used hospital-wide to easily identify where certain supplies are located.
  • 5-minute 5S Template – 5-minute 5S is a document that is written by the team, which lists the set of instructions on how the team wants to keep their supply & equipment areas organized.
  • 5S Score Card – The nurse managers utilizes the standardized scorecard to assess their areas.
  • Missing Supplies Sign – Based on Supply Chain/Warehouse’s commitment to continuous improvement, information on how to obtain missing supplies are listed in this document.
  • Supply Order Level Adjustment Sheet (also known as PAR Level Adjustment Sheet) – A Supply Order Level Adjustment or PAR sheet maybe used if line staff comes in consensus that the PAR level is too low or too high.
  • 5S Sustain Observation Calendar 2018 – lists audit schedules & other resources
  • Just in Time Forms – forms used when supply cart labels are missing and needs replacement.

Post 5S Event: Sustaining: