Meling Yuen, M.D.
Meling Yuen, M.D.Interim Program Director, Division of Dermatology


Welcome to the Division of Dermatology

Education at Harbor-UCLA includes both resident driven activities such as textbook review, special guest lecturer series, and faculty mentored sessions including journal club, dermatopathology slide sessions, and unknown kodachrome slide sessions.

8am – 12pm: Elective (One senior resident) | Kaiser South Bay | Children’s Hospital, LA

1pm – 5pm:  Kaiser South Bay | Children’s Hospital LA

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Venice Free Cinic (2nd & 4th Monday) **optional**

8am – 12pm: Long Beach Comprehensive Clinic (Rotators only, 3rd and 4th Tuesday, Dr. Yuen) | Dermatopathology (All Residents, Dr. Shitabata) | Resident Didactics

1pm – 5pm: Harbor-UCLA Dermatology Clinic (N-24 clinic C)| Mohs Surgery Clinic (3rd Tuesday of month, Dr. Fein) | Elective (One senior resident)

8:30am – 12:00pm: Harbor-UCLA Dermatology Clinic (N-24 clinic C) | Psych-dermatology clinic (1st Wednesday of every month, Dr. Chung) | Podiatry-dermatology clinic (4th Wednesday of every month, Dr. Wong) | Children’s Hospital LA | Elective (One senior resident)

1pm – 5pm: Children’s Hospital LA | Faculty Didactics | Dermoscopy Didactics (monthly, Dr. Pickus)

3pm: Inpatient Ward Rounds

8:30am – 12pm: Harbor-UCLA Dermatology Clinic (N-24 clinic C) | Hair Clinic (3rd Thursday of month, Dr. Umar) | Elective (One senior resident)

12pm – 2pm: Dermatopathology Signout (Dr. Peng) | Grand Rounds (3rd Thursday of month) | Surgery Didactics (3rd Thursday of month, Dr. Chipps) | Resident Didactics

8:30pm – 12pm: Mohs Surgery (Harbor-UCLA, N-24 Clinic C, Dr. Chipps, 4th Friday) | Elective (One senior resident) | Kaiser South Bay | Children’s Hospital, LA

12pm – 1pm: Journal Club (Kaiser South Bay, 2nd Friday)

1pm-5pm: Mohs Surgery (Harbor-UCLA, N-24 Clinic C, Dr. Herrmann, 3rd Friday) | Elective (One senior resident) | General Dermatology Clinic (Harbor-UCLA, N2-24 Clinic C)

Call Schedule: Divided between five residents, one resident on call each month with four days off, first year residents do not start call until the second half of the first academic year; Senior residents: 2-2.5 months of call, First year residents: 3 months of call

Elective: Senior residents (PGY3, PGY4) are allotted 4 weeks of elective time to use during their two final years.  This includes time for away rotations, job interviews, dermatology volunteer work, shadowing, research, etc.  While on an elective, a resident is excused from all clinical responsibilities.  Every month a senior resident is assigned to be on the elective resident schedule during which time a half day is protected time excused from clinic to study, shadow or complete independent research.  Over the two years a senior resident will have a total of 6-7 months of elective resident schedule during which they can choose to schedule their 4 weeks of elective time.

For Medical Students

MedStudentsOur unique county medical center allows you to gain firsthand experience taking care of a patient population with interesting dermatologic conditions.  As a rotating medical student (or resident) you will learn the basic foundations of medical and surgical dermatology.  Our residents and faculty are eager to teach.  If you are a medical student, please contact: Lily Sheshebor (Program Coordinator) at nsheshebor@labiomed.org. Any further questions regarding applications should be directed to: Lily Sheshebor, Program Coordinator, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Division of Dermatology, 1000 W. Carson Street, Box 25, Torrance, CA 90509.  We look forward to working with you at Harbor-UCLA Division of Dermatology.  Please refer to the resident schedule for more details.


Offices Hours & Location

  • Bill Warren, Program Coordinator
    (e) billwarren@labiomed.org 
  • Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
    Division of Dermatology
    1000 Carson Street
    Box #25
    Torrance, CA 90509
  • (p) 310.222.2345

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Applying to the Division of Dermatology

Applications for the residency program are accepted through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).
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