Clinical Program

The Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology Divisions are staffed by 8 full-time clinical faculty, six non clinical faculty and a number of volunteer clinical faculty that help with their expertise in the ambulatory setting. Last year the Divisions provided outpatient clinical services to 1792 patients. This consisted of 4153 visits to the various adult clinics and 672 visits to the corresponding pediatric clinics. The inpatient consultative service provided 263 adult and 99 pediatric new consults for admitted patients with endocrinopathies. The volume of patients seen, the broad spectrum of pathology and the quality of the teaching staff provide a unique opportunity for first hand exposure to both common endocrine disorders, as well as rare entities not commonly seen in other settings.

A Clinical Research Center is available for clinical research in older children and adults. A Perinatal Clinical Research Center for research in mothers and infants also is available.