Harbor Clerkship – Check In Procedures

Clerkship HR Registration Process:

Medical students will be contacted by their Harbor clerkship coordinator via email. Medical students will be required to follow the detailed instructions to activate the contractor online “Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Information Sheet” for every rotation. Once the online information sheet is complete the clerkship coordinator will review upon submission. Once reviewed and approved/claimed the clerkship coordinator will then provide instructions for Live Scan (LiveScan is required at least 2 weeks prior to start of the rotation).

Employee Health Process:

Students must review and complete the Employee Health Form (E2).

  • *UCLA students must email the completed E2 form to Employee Health (Contact: Employee Health).
  • *All non-UCLA students (i.e. Visiting Students/Externs) must submit the completed E2 form along with the UCLA clerkship application to the Harbor Clerkship Coordinator at least two months prior to the rotation. The Harbor Clerkship Coordinator will then submit the E2 Form to Employee Health Services Erika Sweet Box 451.

Students must provide a copy of the following documents to the Harbor clerkship coordinator before beginning the rotation. These forms can be found on the left menu bar of the online “Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Information Sheet”

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Privacy and Security Survivial Guide

UCLA Medical Students, Dental Students & Externs

Upon Live Scan and Employee Health clearance, all students must register with Harbor Human Resources on the first day of their assigned clerkship to obtain a Harbor ID badge, followed by registering with the program/department. Students must provide HR with a copy of their UCLA Clerkship approval. Coordinators will provide the students with a copy of the current Housestaff Survival Manual. There are no meals, scrubs, or designated parking.

Students enrolled in a Subinternship (course #300 and above), one meal per day is provided for the duration of the clerkship in the doctor’s dining room. Meals are accessed by using the Harbor ID badge. There are no scrubs or designated parking provided. Scrubs are provided with a fully refundable deposit


Harbor-UCLA Scrubs: Scrubs are provided with a fully refundable deposit
Student Scrub dispensing procedurs