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Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro, M.D., Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Thank you for visiting us!

Greetings from the Department of Family Medicine at Harbor-UCLA.

Here, you will find a program united in the belief that health care is a right, not a privilege. We cannot and will not stand idle as the most vulnerable in this society become neglected and forgotten. We are committed to fighting against social injustice and apathy and we have committed ourselves and our program to this struggle. This program has developed the unique ability to take the enthusiasm, the idealism, and the endurance of its learners and fashion them into a program resource. We have found that there are many opportunities to make a difference.

We are equally committed to providing you with a structured and balanced training program. This program provides a dynamic forum that integrates the medical, the technical, and the psychosocial aspects of care into a continuity and family-based format, with an emphasis on issues of empowerment in underserved communities. You will receive excellent training in procedures, chronic care delivery, community-based assessment and intervention. Equally important, you will be given the tools that will allow you to analyze and understand the medical and social problems in communities of need. Our residents come with the courage and the strength to make that happen; we give them the tools to ensure that it will.

May you find fulfillment in the pursuit of all of your dreams.


Daniel B. Castro, MD

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